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Pacquiao vs Marquez 4: Confirmed, Fight will be on December 8, 2012 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada

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Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 will be the most exciting and interesting fight before the year ends. The big event will be held at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada on December 8, 2012. There are lots of boxing critics said that nobody will buy this fight. The last 3 fights of Pacquiao and Marquez were all controversial fight and they are expecting this to be the same.
Earlier September, it had been reported that Manny Pacquiao will be fighting this coming December and the list of the choices includes Miguel Cotto for a rematch, Tim Bradley for their second bout after the controversial fight last June 9, Juan Manuel Marquez who is longing for their 4th match, and lastly, Floyd Mayweather who has no chance at all to make it to reality.
First week of September, Cotto’s team confirmed that they will be fighting undefeated Austin Trout on December 1. No reports yet if this will be aired through PPV. But surely it will be aired from the two big PPV companies, HBO and Showtime. Their fight will be at Madison Square in New York City, United States.
Second option was Tim Bradley where Pacquiao lost from their last fight via controversial unanimous decision for some mistakes of the two judges. But for some reasons, the negotiation for their rematch was not push through and Bradley has to take a rest this year end.
So, here comes the 3rd option, Juan Marquez who is really hungry for Pacquiao.

Why Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 has really to happen?

As mentioned above that this will be the most exciting fight between the them. Why? Because, last 2004, the fight ended to a draw and Pacquiao won a controversial majority decision last 2008. Late last year, 2011, their Trilogy ended also with controversy where Manny Pacquiao won via majority decision.
If I am going to asked you, if you were Marquez, won’t you asked for a fourth fight after what happen to the last 3 fights? Juan Marquez wants to prove to his boxing fans all over the world that he deserved the belt and all the decisions from the last 3 fights were all mistakes. This is the main reason why he want to fight Pacquiao, the 4th time.
Yeah, it’s a crazy to have four bouts in boxing, it’s not a basketball, you know.
But this is a decision that Pacquiao can’t refuse, Pacman knows he will make more money, win or loss. And Bob Arum, Pacman’s promoter, together with Freddie Roach, his coach, can’t also refuse to take this fight for the same reason. They both know that they will earn more from last year’s fight which sold 1.3 million US dollars in just PPV.

Where to watch the Pacquiao vs Marquez fight if you can’t make it to Vegas?

Same as last year, Pacquiao vs Marquez will be aired via HBO PPV®, and will be held at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Fight will start 3:00 PM (Vegas Time).
You can buy Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 tickets from us and we will also offer Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 live streaming on the fight night for those who can’t go to Las Vegas to watch the fight.
We assure you of HD live streams, ads free, and no downtime.
Tickets are now on sale and are available to purchase. It’s always best to purchase your tickets few months ahead before the fight to avoid sold out. You just need to click tickets tab on this blog and you can buy it from there.
This can be the last fight between the two and this will tell us who among the two boxers is better than the other, so this is a must watch fight. We all don’t want to see 5th bout. We hate 4th but we want real decision of who is stronger and a real fighter that deserves the belt and the boxing fans.
Pacquiao should do his best on this fight because he knew that he loss lots of Mexican fans after the 3rd match. Yes, Pacquiao has also Mexican fans but I am not sure if Marquez has Filipino fan. :)
Anyways, Pacquiao has really to train himself as the best as he can ‘cuz this ain’t just a tough fight but also difficult for him. Marquez is now stronger than before as we saw him fighting last year. We didn’t expect that and even Pacquiao as well.
This is also the reason why Pacquiao accept the challenge from Marquez because he wanted to get his Mexican fans back to him who were disappointed last year’s decision.
So, we will see each other on December 8 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Bookmark this site for more updates and share this to your friends so they will be also updated of the upcoming fight.
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